Renewable Energy Technician

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IslandEco is seeking an electrical technician to install and maintain renewable energy systems in the Marshall Islands- with a focus on USDA funded solar powered refrigeration systems on 5 atolls.

Island Eco has successfully implemented multiple projects over the years, with two of the most notable being funded by the USDA through a competitive grant to install a total of 165 solar powered lighting and refrigeration systems across three outer island atolls. The USDA projects were completed in 2013, and Island Eco has recently been selected to power two more atolls with similar renewable energy systems. Thus, Island Eco is currently rebuilding a project team, and is seeking interns and technicians to join.

Other recent projects carried out by Island Eco include installing solar power street lights and solar power marine navigation lights for Majuro local government, developing and installing two demonstration 4.2 kW solar power systems, and trialing a solar powered water desalination and purification unit, among others.

IslandEco is now seeking an electrical technician to install and maintain renewable energy systems in the Marshall Islands. Possible tasks/ projects include the following, depending on the technician's skill set:

- Install the new USDA solar-powered refrigeration systems on two new atolls

- Refurbish and troubleshoot the two 4.2 kW demo solar PV systems

- Install air conditioning and sound-proof the demonstration eco-building

- Develop and carryout training classes on renewable energy systems

- Set up an electronic inventory and ordering system

- Engage with a project management and financial management system including monitoring and evaluation aspects

- Design a solar powered takeaway/ coffee shop and create a business plan

- Contribute to the Island Eco blog on the company webpage

- Research and development on the USDA funded solar powered refrigeration project outcomes or other topics

- We are also open to your ideas for projects, so feel free to develop a proposal and we may be able to work with you to implement it.

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