Terms & Conditions

Guidelines for Jobseekers 

Any applicant, who is a bona fide student of Fiji National University, can register as a jobseeker on the site.  After every registration, administrator gets an email notification, to check the validity and authenticity of the registration. Invalid registrations will be deactivated.

Upon registration, student will be able to do the following:

·         Create a profile (contact details, education, experience and referees)

·         Upload CV

·         View advertised positions

·         Apply for open positions

·         Receive email notifications for a successful application

·         If shortlisted, candidates receive an email notification


Terms & Conditions

By becoming a member, a student needs to agree to have his/her CV viewed by the registered employers and take full responsibility for the information provided. Fiji National University holds no liability for any information submitted by the registered members.

Details provided by the student must be authentic. If information is found to be falsified, the member will be deregistered. 



Guidelines for Employers

Students are an integral part of today’s society, upon them lay the future foundation of a country. The Guidelines and Terms & Conditions are to help employers select the appropriate candidate for the vacant position in their company. 

To access the Employer feaures on the site, companies need to register as an employer on the site. Registration is free.

Once a vacancy is published on the site, it will automatically expire after 7 days from the date of publish. The vacancy can be re-published once it has expired.



The site will offer Employers the following services:

·         Create company profile

·         Advertise positions

·         Employer Email notifications for every valid application

·         View applicants for those positions

·         Shortlist the candidates

·         Contact applicants through email


Terms & Conditions

No employer is to discriminate against any jobseeker/ student because of race, color, religion, age, nationality or ethnicity, disability, veteran status, or gender unless it is a bona fide occupational qualification exception. 

All registered employers are to ensure that the confidentiality of all students is maintained.

FNU has the right to remove a vacancy from the FNU Job Placement website if it contains any inappropriate content.