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Graduate 2015
Professor Nigel Healey


Fiji’s national university dates back to 1885, when Suva Medical School was founded.  Over the decades that followed, other tertiary colleges and academies were established – to educate and train Fiji’s nurses, engineers, teachers, farmers and accountants.  By the time Fiji National University was created in 2010 by the merger of these famous institutions, we had graduated tens of thousands of alumni.

The Fiji National University Alumni Association plays an important role in keeping the University connected to this global family of past students.  Whether you completed a certificate, a diploma, a degree or a postgraduate qualification from FNU or one of its constituent colleges, you are part of this family and we want to hear from you. FNUAA plays an important t role in bringing alumni together on a regular basis.  Our Alumni Homecoming Weekends are now an established feature of the University’s annual calendar.  The 2017 Homecoming Weekend was a wonderful event, with displays and exhibitions in Suva’s Sukuna Park and an alumni dinner for almost 200 alumni, who came from as far away as the UK to celebrate their time at FNU.

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Mr. Prashil Parkas

alumni president 2016 Greetings from the FNU Alumni Association!

In my capacity as the President, it is indeed a great privilege for me to be welcoming you all to the Fiji National University Alumni Association. The FNUAA is in its fourth year of existence and the sole purpose of the existence of our association is to support the University goals leading to its success.

The FNUAA membership is inclusive of all those who have graduated from the colleges that later combined to be the Fiji National University. These colleges were the Nasinu Teachers College/Fiji College of Advanced Education, Fiji Institute Technology, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji School of Nursing, Lautoka Teachers College, Fiji College of Agricultre and Fiji National Training Council/ Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji.

I would like to thank the former Executives of the FNUAA for the initial work of forming the FNUAA and developing its functions ever since 2015. Their hard work and dedication towards serving the association members and FNU will be remembered always and this will serve as a benchmark to the newly elected executive to continue with the legacy. 

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Gyan PrasadDr. Gyan Prasad graduated from Fiji National University with MBBS in 2008. He currently works as a lecturer at the Umanand Prasad School of Medicine at the University of Fiji in Lautoka. While studying at FSM (now College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences), he realized that learning in the medical field never stops and his ambition was to be forever involved in self-learning as it is good for one’s own growth and it made him a better doctor as well.

His aim was to prove that everything is achievable if one has put their mind to it. Some of the highlights of his career have been; being a Medical officer at Newcrest Mining Fiji Limited, his involvement with Fiji Police Form, RFMF and Peace Corps, being a lecturer at University of Fiji and attaining a Certification in Occupational Medicine from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Prasad’s most memorable moment as a student was the feeling of realization that one is only as good as the competition is. He is thankful to his classmates for providing that high level of competition and making him aware of self-deficiencies which helped him determine ways to go about improving himself. His greatest achievement while studying at FNU was his MBBS Degree without which he would not be where he is today. While at FNU, he also mastered the ability to relate to people who make him a better person and a better physician and facilitator.

Dr. Prasad’s advice to current students of FNU is instead of reading the same thing from different medical texts, students should find one good textbook that they like reading and stick to it. By the end of 6 years, students will master that book. His advice for future students is to study hard since there is no other way to success. The only way to make a difference is by not following the crowd. In the end, it is the difference students make that counts.

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