FAQ's - Conference Leave

FAQ's - Conference Leave

1. Who is eligible to apply?
Conference Leave is a privileged benefit given to all academic staff, Deans, Directors and the Registrar.

2. How much Conference Leave am I eligible for in one contract period?
Employees are entitled to 2 sets of conference leave (max of 5 days/conference) per 3-year contract, with one conference leave per year for exceptional researchers who show concrete evidence of converting their conference papers to journal publications.

3. What is the eligibility criterion I must comply with in order to apply for conference leave?
An applicant is eligible for conference leave if he/she has submitted a paper at an academic conference where the paper has been accepted through blind peer reviews for presentation as a plenary paper, a panel paper, or a concurrent session paper, and where:
a. the same paper has been presented at a well-publicised presentation within FNU, preferably hosted within the section, and attended by the supervisor recommending the leave
b. the supervisor recommending the leave is convinced that the paper has academic merit befitting presentation at an academic conference, and
c. the applicant submits the completed paper with the conference leave application. A PowerPoint document is not a substitute for the full conference paper.

4. What does “well-publicised presentation” within FNU mean?
It means that the applicant must at least send an email via FNU PR inviting staff to attend his/her presentation.

5. Are poster presentations considered for Conference Leave funding?
Poster presentations alone are not considered for conference leave funding. However, these can be considered if accompanied by well-researched papers.

6. What is the responsibility of the College?
a. The College shall establish a Screening Committee comprising at least 2 well-published academics. The Committee shall assess whether the paper has academic merit for presentation at an academic conference of standing.
b. The Dean must ensure that the staff member’s teaching and core business responsibilities are covered during the period the staff is away on conference leave.

7. What do I give to HR for processing my Conference Leave application?
Conference leave applications must contain a comprehensive proposal and should include:
a. A written application by staff containing a comprehensive proposal of their activities including deliverables during the conference - endorsed by relevant management (HOD, HOS, Dean).
b. Copy of staff member’s completed paper with College Management (Screening Committee) support and recommendation. A PowerPoint document shall not be accepted as a submission for the full conference paper.
c. Copy of FNU PR Email and any other invites sent.
d. Copy of Letter of Acceptance for Conference Presentation.
e. Leave form - filled and endorsed by HOD/HOS/Dean
f. Conference Details - Outline, Venue, Duration, and Registration Fee, etc.
g. Quotes/Invoices for – Registration fees, Travels, Accommodation, Meals or per diem rates
h. Budget summary - if requesting funds from FNU; and,
i. Funding details- if sponsored by another organisation.

8. When should I apply for my Conference Leave to HR?
Local Conference - the application shall be lodged not less than 20 working days prior to the conference commencement date.
Overseas Conference – The application shall be lodged not less than 30 working days prior to the conference commencement date.

9. What if my Conference participation is fully funded?
Where staff are invited with full funding, the University shall make leave available, as long as there is no direct impact on teaching and learning.

10. What do I do after I return from the conference?
Within 30 days upon return from the Conference, the staff member must submit a report to the College Management which shall assess whether the report meets expectations.