1. Who is eligible for URPC funding?
URPC financial support is for FNU staff only. That includes individuals or teams of academic and technical staff of FNU.

2. Is there a special form to be filled when requesting for funds?
Yes there is a form titled “Application for Research Grant” and this can be found under the forms section of the Research Website.

3. What are the URPC funds for?
The URPC fund is used to support staff who would like to conduct research. They need to submit a proper proposal in the proper form.

4. How many forms should be filled?
This will depend on the type of research they intend to do. For example, if it involves animals then they will also need to fill in the Animal Ethics Form. If your research involves humans then you need to fill the Human ethics and Safety Clearance Form. It is advised that you read the research policy as this will clearly inform you as to which forms you need to fill.

5. After filling the forms where can I submit it?
You could submit it to respective Chairperson, College Research Committee (Dean) and cc: Head of School.

6. How long does the application process take?
Maximum 3 months as the CRC meets once in every three months.

7. How do I know that my application has been approved?
If you are applying for $8000 or less, then you will receive an approval letter from the College Research Committee.
If you are applying for more than $8000 then you will receive an approval letter from URPC.

8. Criteria used for evaluating project proposals?

  • merit and proficiency ;
  • strength of topic, sharpness of focus, compliance with standards of ethical research, clarity of methodology, knowledge of field, opportunity for innovation, etc.
  • scope, evidence and feasibility:
  • Level of ambition, likelihood of success, viability of schedule, etc.
  • alignment of project with a university priority research area
  • detailed account of and justification for budgetary requirements
  • Projected contribution to new knowledge and tangible outcomes for country and region. A template has been created for the purpose of formalizing these guidelines.

9. Can FNU staff be paid through URPC funds as "research assistants"?
No, Staff with significant intellectual input should be included as co-investigators. A full time FNU staff is not eligible to draw any other payment.

10. Who can be paid?
Non-intellectual, technical support in typing, data inputting, field assistance etc. could be paid on hourly basis if it was done outside office hours by a FNU staff or by an outside person. However, all such payments should not exceed 20% of the budget.
Data analysis constitutes the intellectual component and should be done by the investigators.

11. How should the funds be used?
Different budget heads should be as clearly spelt as possible. CRC’s should carefully look to it and seek clarifications if required. Thus in the approval letter these details should be clearly spelt out.

12. Should URPC funds be acquitted?
Final project completion report needs to be submitted to research office through CRC. Generally it should be submitted within 2 months of completion of the proposed work.