FNU ePress is a humble effort to explore and enable new modes of scholarly publishing and wider community engagement by Fiji National University. We strive to make available to the world, the intellectual and creative output of the academic community of the FNU as scholarly electronic texts and files. FNU ePress also acts as a repertory of traditional knowledge, creative and artistic works of FNU staff, academics and researchers.

Objectives of FNU ePress :

  • To create an easy and effective mechanism for disseminating high quality FNU scholarship and creativity.
  • To eliminate barriers inherent in existing models of scholarly and artistic communication.
  • To produce an affordable and cost effective model of knowledge dissemination.
  • Efficient use of modern ICT technology infrastructure at FNU.

Submission and Peer Review Process

Initial proposals for submissions to the FNU ePress are referred to the College Research Committee (CRC) that relates to the disciplinary area of the work. The CRC determines whether the proposal is of interest and, if so, through an Editorial Board scrutinizes the matter and invites review by independent referees. The peer-review, revisions and final copy editing are the responsibility of the CRC/Editorial Board and author. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, ePress hosts the electronic copies and undertakes business responsibilities.

Author Guidelines

FNU ePress aims to make available the intellectual and creative output of the staff, academic and research community of the University. We undertake the responsibility to publish works that emerge from the FNU. However, the responsibility to ensure originality, copyright permissions and other statutory requirements rests with the author/creator. CRC and Editorial Boards are to ensure compliance to such requirements. All forms could be downloaded from epress link.

1. Submission process
Submit your proposal using proforma URPC research proposals for research grant to the Chair, CRC. It will be processed by CRC as any other research proposal and if the proposal is considered to be of interest, Chairman CRC will contact you with a request for a copy of the manuscript for evaluation. The manuscript will undergo a double-blind peer review process in which at least two referee reports will be obtained (at least one external to the FNU).

2. Editing/Revisions
Editing and revisions are the responsibility of the author/editor. CRC may approve payment of revision/improvement costs, subject to limits prescribed by the research committee. Author/Creator is solely responsible to incorporate corrections and changes for improvement and to submit final copy for approval by CRC. If satisfied CRC would forward manuscript/creative work to ePress.

3. Processing of manuscripts/creative works 
Final manuscript/creative work submission would be processed by the ePress for quality and ease of hosting. Submissions that are not of professional standard will be rejected and returned to the relevant CRC.

4. Proof correction
Author/creator will receive electronic proofs. These should be checked thoroughly and necessary corrections need to be noted and returned. However any substantive reworking of the manuscript is not acceptable. Proof checking process is solely to eliminate any typographical, design or minor errors.

5. Publication
Suitable quality works will be published as ebook/electronic files on the FNU ePress web site and be organized for printing on demand for purchase through our online shopping cart.



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