Procedure for obtaining grant for Research at FNU

  1. Proposals are to be submitted to respective Chairperson, College Research Committee (Dean) and cc: Head of School.
  2. Head of School (or any other authority as delegated by Chair, CRC) shall circulate proposal among all research active staff in that area and invite their comments as per proforma at the last page of the proposal. In this respect all other colleagues would be acting as a peer reviewer to a given proposal and would be at liberty to write additional comments they think are appropriate. (This is an important step that besides having an element of training to new staff in writing and evaluating research proposals, it also ensures openness in the processing).
  3. Head of School (or any other authority as delegated by Chair, CRC) shall compile all points and comments with respect to each proposal and put them along with the proposal before the CRC.
  4. In light of the comments received from peer reviewers as well as the judgment of the committee members, Chair CRC would approve or recommend for revision of the proposal under $8,000.
  5. In case of proposals costing more than $8,000, CRC would evaluate merit of the proposal based on comments by peer reviewers and judgment of its committee members. Proposals requiring revisions be returned to Principal Investigator (PI) for resubmission. However, the proposals that worth merit in the judgment of the CRC shall be forwarded to University Research and Publications Committee (URPC) along with compiled comments by the peer’s reviewers and comments of the CRC. Role of URPC shall primarily be limited to reconciling the competing budgetary requirements. However, in the event of intense competition, either in its own judgment or through inviting external review, URPC may award only the most meritorious projects.
  6. Chair CRC/URPC, as appropriate shall issue the award letter.
  7. PI would sign and return a copy letter showing his consent to the limitations as given in the letter.
  8. Chair, CRC shall forward a copy of the signed consent letter (by PI) together with a copy of the research proposal as approved and CRC minutes of the meeting to the Department of Research /Secretary URPC. The Department of Research shall circulate the above documents the URPC members and invite comments. In case comments are not received within a week the proposal will be forwarded to the finance office for Vote Code.
  9. Department of Research/Secretary URPC would liaise with Finance Section and facilitate vote code as soon as possible and inform PI and Chair CRC of this effect.
  10. Researcher can raise advance after vote code has been issued. The researcher needs to provide justification of the advance with the advance form, and forward a copy to the Department of research for approval, who will then forward the approved advance form to the finance office for processing.
  11. The researcher needs to submit acquittals before raising the next set of advance.
  12. PI shall summit quarterly progress report, to Chair CRC who shall forward a copy of the same to Research / Secretary URPC for their record.
  13. At the completion the research project, preferably within a month, PI shall submit a Project Completion Report, to Chair CRC, who shall forward a copy of the same to the Department of Research/Secretary URPC for their record.
  14. All researchers shall use the common URPC proforma only. Forms could be downloaded from the Forms and Proforma section of the website.
  15. Applications requiring ethics/safety clearance must include additional disclosures in the specified format, as an integral part of the grant application.