Research Target 2014 - 2020

Objective 1 Improve the research capacity of the University
Initiative 1.1 Identify, develop and align FNU interdisciplinary research clusters to the
                  Strategic Plan.
Initiative 1.2 Increase high-impact publications and quality A/A* journal outputs by
                  introducing incentive schemes for staff who publish.
Initiative 1.3 Improve academic and research leadership by recruiting and retaining more
                  staff with research, supervisory and mentoring roles.
Initiative 1.4 Create appropriate research infrastructure to enhance research activities at
Initiative 1.5 Use internal research funds effectively.
Initiative 1.6 Increase income for externally funded research.
Initiative 1.7 Undertake comprehensive institutional assessment of research performance
                  at FNU.
Initiative 1.8 Establish a network of facilities across the University in advanced
Initiative 1.9 Create space for research staff and students.

Objective 2 Improve research management
Initiative 2.1 Increase opportunities for research students and staff by international exchange and
                  through key partnerships with other universities as well as government, industry
                  and community organisations.

Objective 3 Establish a research excellence and development framework
Initiative 3.1 Create an online research repository.
Initiative 3.2 Ensure a staff development process for approving academic staff qualified
                  and experienced to teach at Doctorate level.
Initiative 3.3 Introduce the Vice Chancellor’s prizes for exemplary research performance and the
                  delivery of innovation.

Objective 4 Connection with Pacific communities, societies and cultures
Initiative 4.1 Develop linkages between science and traditional knowledge of Pacific communities
                  including the promotion of indigenous knowledge.
Initiative 4.2 Develop FNU ethical research protocols on human research as well as an
                  animal ethics manual for conducting social and applied research in the field.

Key Performance Indicators 


Strategic KPIs


Quality and impact of research output as measured by publications and citations.

200% improvement.

Number of academic staff appointed at professor level.

40 professors in post.

Number of students registered for research Masters and Doctorate programmes.

100 Research Masters/Doctorate students enrolled annually by 2020.

From 2018, the number of students completing research degrees.

Completion rates 70% within appropriate time scale (2 years full time Masters and 3 years full time PhD).

Level of external research income.

Increase of 20% annually by 2020.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

At least 10 new enterprises to be established by FNU students/staff by 2020 using innovations and project designs done at the University.