College of Humanities & Education

Research Area

College of Humanities and Education is engaged in research in the broad areas of Education, Social Science including Ethics, Development and Governance, Livelihood Sustainability issues and the Creative and Performing Arts. We have highly qualified staff that have vast experience and who are committed to teaching and research. They have the drive to solve problems and can offer their service as consultants. The government and other organisations are welcome to contact any of our staff if they need any research/consultancy to be conducted in these areas. More information about individual staff research areas is listed in our staff profile section.

College Research Committee
The CHE CRC is chaired by the College Dean, Dr. Eci Nabalarua. The committee has 6 members and they meet once every three months. The core role of the committee is to scrutinise and approve research grant applications submitted by staff in the College, as well as discuss other research matters. Vetting proposals is a very important process to ensure that works are of a high standard and that FNU policies are complied with. CRC normally approves proposals whether above or below $8000 the committee refers the scrutiny reports to University Research and Publication Committee for a decision.


 Committee Members 
 Acting Chair Prof. Nii-K Plange  
 Members Prof. Sarita Deshpande  Professor
  Prof. Subramani  Professor
  Dr. Asif Iqubal   Assistant Professor
  Dr. Daneshwar Sharma Assistant Professor
  Dr. Erman Kaplama Assistant Professor
  Dr. Kapil Dave  Assistant Professor
  Dr. Mukesh Verma Assistant Professor
  Dr. Mumtaz Alam Assistant Professor
  Dr. Ravindra Prajapati Assistant Professor
  Dr. Mohammad Ahsan Senior Lecturer
  Ms. Zakia A. Chand Senior Lecturer