College of Engineering, Science & Technology

Research Area
The College engages in research in the broad areas of Engineering, Physical, Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Computing Sciences, Energy Science, Technology and Climate Change. We have highly qualified staff who have extensive experience in teaching and research. They have experience in solving technical problems faced in industries and can offer their services as consultants as well. The government and other organisations are welcome to contact any of our staff for research or consultancy to be conducted in their area of interest. More information about individual staff research areas is listed in our staff profile section.

College Research Committee (CRC)
The CEST CRC is chaired by Dr. Kandasamy Angamuthu (Dean-CEST) and meets once every three months. The core role of the committee is to scrutinise and approve research grant applications submitted by staff and students in the College and discuss other research matters in the College. Vetting proposals is a very important process to ensure that works are of a high standard and that FNU policies are complied with. CRC normally approves proposals upto $8000 only and if the grant applied for is over $8000, the CRC refers the scrutiny reports to University Research and Publication Committee for a decision.


 Committee Members 
 Chair/Dean Prof. Kandasamy Angamuthu
 Members Dr. Anil Rana
  Mr. Salabogi Mavoa
  Prof. Anand Tyagi
  Dr. Mohammad Arif Khan
  Dr. Dellena Alagcan
  Dr. Sidhnath Singh
  Dr. Visagaperuman Ramachandaran
  Dr. Maheswara Valluri
  Prof. Rajendra Prasad
  Dr. Guna Magesan
  Dr. Sitaram Garimella
  Mr. Joji Marau
  Mr. Cyril Rachman