The Fiji National University Alumni Association (FNU­AA) launched the FNU Alumni President’s award at the inaugural Alumni Home­coming Weekend dinner.

Professor Jugdutt Singh, gradu­ate and former faculty of Fiji Institute of Technology, currently the Director Digital Innovation & Translation at Swinburne University of Technology in Victoria, Australia was the first re­cipient of the award.

Professor Singh said the award came to him as a surprise as he was only here to share his moments of Fiji Institute of Technology days which molded him for the success­ful career that he now has.

“I think there is a lot we alumni can give back to this country and I want to be part of that game chang­ing for this university. I think there is lot of opportunities and there are lots of things we can do together,” he said.

Professor Singh encouraged the alumni present to create a global branding for the University.

Senior Alumni Officer, Ms. Arti Nair said the award has been intro­duced by the association to recog­nise alumnus for their outstanding academic and professional achieve­ments.

“The history of FNU takes this in­stitution decades back to when the constituent colleges of FNU were formed. FNU graduates are spread across the globe thriving in their fields of study. FNUAA recognised the need for recognition of distin­guished alumni allowing alumnus to connect with each other and the University.

“The Alumni President’s award is presented by the association Presi­dent and it meets the same selection criteria as the Outstanding Alumni Awards presented by the University every three years through the alum­ni recognition program. The Alum­ni President’s award is special in many ways because it showcases alumnus each year who are actively engaged in supporting the vision of the FNUAA,” said Ms Nair.


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