With the FNU Alumni Association gearing up for an interactive National tour and a fruitful 2016, we introduce to you the Young Alumni Chair who actively plans projects to cater for the Young Alumni needs.

Mr. Jiaoji Mavoa Waqabaca was nominated to the inaugural alumni election in November 2015, and as luck would have it he was elected to take office and represent graduates of the last decade
in the FNU Alumni Association executive committee. 

Mr. Waqabaca graduated from the College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry last year (2015) after successfully completing Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He is now employed as the Project Officer
Marketing at the Ministry of Agriculture.

The newsletter team caught up with him this week as he reflected on his Uni days, his new role as the Young Alumni Chair and his plans for the National Tour next week.

How does it feel to be elected as the Young Alumni Chair?

I feel good and excited at the same time and I know that this is a great responsibility and a good experience as well.

How did you know about the association election? And were you aware that your name was submitted as a nominee for the position?

I knew about the election through emails from alumni office and through the FNU website.

Yes, I was aware that I am one of the nominees because one of the fellow alumni informed me that she nominated me for the election.

As the Young Alumni Chair, what are some of your responsibilities in the association? What are you expected to bring to the table?


  • Represent the interests of all young alumni (graduates of the last decade) on the Alumni Association Executive Committee
  • Work with Alumni office to develop appropriate events with young alumni in mind
  • Collaborate with Special Events Chair to promote young alumni events

The purpose of this role is to raise awareness of the alumni association among the student body and young alumni by:

  • Increasing web based communication resources.
  • Developing strong presence on campus.
  • Cultivating a lasting relationship with a long term goal of increasing involvement with the university.
  • Its primary focus is to research what young alumni are looking for from the alumni association, increase overall participation, research tool to stay connected through social media and to develop leadership role in the university and alumni programs.
  • To connect all the alumni together locally and internationally to be part of the FNU Alumni Association.

How active were you during your days in University? Were you involved in student life activities? If yes, please explain further.

I was very active during my days in University. Yes, I was part of the student council committee in my campus and I was one of the ushers in the FNU open day that was held in Koronivia. Also, I took part in many activities like sports and social.

What motivated you to the Agriculture programme you studied in?

Agriculture is not a new field to me since I took this subject from Form 3 to Form 7 and I was motivated through the hard work I put through for the past five years to be able to continue on the Agriculture field.

Where career is concerned, what were you aiming to achieve while studying?

I was aiming to be an Agricultural Economist in the future and I was able to achieve my goal through the help of FNU which offered me the right programme to achieve that dream/goal.

Why do you think FNU needs an Alumni Association?

I think FNU really needs an Alumni Association because after students graduate from the institution, FNU do not know the status of their students like where they live, where they work and etc. So this is where association appears so it will track their students and bring them together and I am happy that this has already happened.

Why should other graduates or current students of FNU consider becoming a member of the association?

When you are students of FNU, consider yourself to be the member of the association. We encourage the graduates and current students to be part of the association so that you can feel that after you graduate from the university you have the association that can support your future.

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

The upcoming National Tour, what is the objective behind it?

  • The objectives for the National Tour are:
  • Raise awareness on the Association.
  • For the committee to meet all the deans, staffs and students.
  • Able to connect to the alumni around Fiji.

What should graduates and current students look forward to from the national tour?

Students should be looking forward to meet the committee and looking forward for what the committee has put in place throughout the year for the students.

Any advice for students?

My advice to the students is to try and achieve those dreams they are after. Believe in what you are doing that is the only way you can achieve those dreams. Just as a saying it goes “If you want to be
successful, it’s just this simple; know what you are doing, Love what you are doing and believe in what you are doing”.

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