Mr. Prashil Parkas

Mr. Prashil Parkas

Greetings from the FNU Alumni Association!

In my capacity as the President, it is indeed a great privilege for me to be welcoming you all to the Fiji National University Alumni Association. The FNUAA is in its fourth year of existence and the sole purpose of the existence of our association is to support the University goals leading to its success.

The FNUAA membership is inclusive of all those who have graduated from the colleges that later combined to be the Fiji National University. These colleges were the Nasinu Teachers College/Fiji College of Advanced Education, Fiji Institute Technology, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji School of Nursing, Lautoka Teachers College, Fiji College of Agricultre and Fiji National Training Council/ Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji.

I would like to thank the former Executives of the FNUAA for the initial work of forming the FNUAA and developing its functions ever since 2015. Their hard work and dedication towards serving the association members and FNU will be remembered always and this will serve as a benchmark to the newly elected executive to continue with the legacy. At this juncture, I would also like to thank the FNU Council for their continued support to the association.  

In this fast-paced world, we as individuals get so engrossed with our work and family affairs that we sometimes lose track of those outside this closely knit circle. The very existence of this Alumni Association will help you stay connected to those forgotten friends and resources of FNU that was once a vital part of your life. To fulfil this role, the elected committee of FNUAA have embarked on a mission to increase and expand the membership network to not only local but also to those Alumni who have left our shores. In addition, we will also be working towards designing lucrative benefits to all our members so that they can benefit as they pursue their post-academic life and career. 

Being an Alumnus does not only mean benefiting from what the University has to offer. We should also think of ways on how best we can serve and give back to the University that once was a medium to our success. The FNUAA would be involved in organising activities to fulfil this goal and it is in this venture that the association would also like to seek your assistance as alumni in whatever way possible that is convenient to you.

Finally I deem it appropriate to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have been part of the success of FNUAA ever since its existence.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2018.

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