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Graduate 2015
Professor Nigel Healey

VC1Bula! University’s alumni are its most important stakeholders. As a university, we are judged on the quality of the graduates we produce and on the contribution our alumni make to business, government and society. In turn, the value of a degree or diploma on a graduate’s curriculum vitae depends critically on the reputation of the awarding university. There is a symbiotic relationship between a university and its alumni – if one is successful, the glitter rubs off on the other; and vice versa.
Here at Fiji National University, we are proud of the achievements of our many thousands of alumni. In turn, we aspire to make you, our alumni, proud of your alma mater. Our university dates back to 1885, when Suva Medical School was founded. Today Fiji National University enjoys a unique place in the landscape of Pacific tertiary education. As a ‘dual sector university’, FNU offers both technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education from diplomas through to doctorates.In addition, FNU is home to the National Training & Productivity Centre (NTPC), which provides in-service training for employees, so that they can continually upgrade their skills and qualifications.

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Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu '71, Honorary Alumni Award Recipient 2015

alumni president 2016

Greetings from the President’s desk!
I am deeply humbled to welcome you to the New Year as your President. It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be serving a robust organisation that looks after the Alumni affairs of the Nation’s largest University. Fiji National University continues to leap towards being the best tertiary education provider locally and internationally.
The FNU Alumni Association is committed towards fulfilling the aspirations of the University by engaging our Alumni in various ways. The year 2016 was a success in its own way and the highlight of the year was the Alumni Homecoming Event. In addition to that, there were many projects initiated to support the Association and also our students as highlighted in the Annual Report.
This year we undertake to make the Alumni Homecoming Event bigger and better by improving on its duration, activity and timing. Furthermore, the Alumni Association is determined to complete all pending projects especially those which are directly going to support our student learning outcomes.

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mavoa Mr. Salabogi Mavoa graduated from the Fiji Institute of Technology (now FNU’s college of Engineering, Science & Technology) in 1981 with a Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering. Originally from Suva, this academic joined FIT as an Assistant lecturer in 1989 in the School of Electrical / Electronic Engineering; progressed to the position of Head of Department of Electronics and was appointed Computer Services Manager in 2003. The engineering enthusiast had the privilege of becoming the first Associate Dean of the college and now serves as the Acting Dean. Mr Mavoa appreciates all the opportunities leading him to contribute to his alma mater. One of the highlights of his career was developing the Bachelor in engineering programme for the college under the direction of Dr Ankim Veera Swamy, who has been his mentor.

The support of the Fiji National University solidified into achievements of Mr Mavoa as he pursued his educational dream of obtaining his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the United Kingdom and completion of the Cisco Instructors Course that was instrumental in the introduction of Cisco training in Fiji. Mr Mavoa shares his time at FNU has been an enjoyable journey where he actively contributes towards training the next generation. The success of students leading them to make positive contribution to their families, communities and the nation is what drives Mr Mavoa to continue being engaged with the FNU community. Mr Mavoa takes pride in being part of the student body that started the first Christian fellowship group at FIT which changed the spiritual profile of the nation.

A friendly Dean, an inspired mentor and a man with a graceful personality are the traits of the Acting Dean who makes a difference in the lives of his staff and students hoping to enhance the students experience while building a great future for all graduates.


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