1. (ECCAM) Education for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation-EU IntraACP Academic Mobility Program (1.6million)


2 .Biomass/ biofuel project with support from FNU biofuels Lecturers (CEST) and USP (FSTE) Prof. Physics Anirudh Singh entitled “Biomass production in Ra Province and at FNU Uni-Farm Navua Farm” ($18,200 FJD).

3. In coordination with IUCN (Energy Coordinator Andrew Irwin) and CSTD (via MOU) implementing “From Fantasy to Reality: Shifting towards Organic Transit in the Pacific Islands- A Case Study in Fiji ($15,813.86 FJD). Looks at the feasibility of the Elf (pedal-driven, solar powered velomobile) as alternative transport in Fiji.

4. Feasibility Study for Wainikavika Rainforest National Park (11,000 FJD) in collaboration with Nature Fiji, and other stakeholders.

5. Initiating Co-Led Journalism Project with FNU and USP Journalism students to undertake the following study:  Study of journalists, journalism culture and climate change reporting in 12 USP member countries. Total amount: FJD$100,000


6. UNESCO - Safeguarding the knowledge systems associated with Traditional Fijian (iTaukei) House (Bure) Construction Methods in Navala Village, Fiji. Within the past century and amidst changing climatic conditions, many Pacific island people are motivated (and in many cases obliged) to build secure homes using  ‘modern’ steel and concrete materials. Therefore, cultural and historical proponents of constructing traditional houses by indigenous people of Fiji are gradually disappearing. The proposed project will be undertaken at Navala Village in the upper Ba watershed, located in the Western Province of Fiji to help sustain knowledge associated with traditional bure through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of bures in Navala Village. 

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